Monday, June 22, 2009

Robert Flack at Stern Grove yesterday

Beautiful day, and I had a major nostalgia attack!

There's no video of yesterday's concert available, but here's Roberta Flack singing "Killing Me Softly With His Song" in a 1988 concert:

Editing to add -- now there is video!

Here's one shot from behind the trees:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Multiple online personalities

I'm continuing to consolidate more of my online writing under the name "Ms Terri" as part of an attempt to bring my multiple online personalities together in a big group hug (ha!):

Multiple personalities
do not always work and play well
with each other

(I love this photo, which I found on Flickr, by mnd.ctrl. Creative Commons license)

Botancal Gardens -- we won!

Got this email:

Dear Friends:

After a long and very lively conversation regarding fees for the San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park, we will be recommending that NO fee be charged for this special natural space. Instead, we will be instituting a "suggested fee" schedule and are looking to bring in a vendor to offer food and beverages.

We thank you for your input and look forward to working with you on our shared goal of keeping the Botanical Garden beautiful for present and future generations.

Thank you,

Jared Blumenfeld
General Manager
San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

Purple flowers in the late afternoon sun, beside the path around the Arboretum's big lawn, June 2008.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday in the park (and in the parking lot)

I'm getting lazy about taking pictures. I went to a couple of events yesterday and thought of taking my little camera with me, but then I thought that other people would be putting their photos on the web. It would be easier to just point to them, and the photos would probably be better than mine anyway.

Sure enough, someone took great pictures of the opening day of the Sunday morning Inner Sunset Farmer's Market in the 9th and Irving parking lot. The weather was beautiful and lots of people showed up. Most of the food was on the pricey end, but I bought a few items and also learned about things going on in the neighborhood. Very nice! I'll probably swing by there every week.

Then I went to the annual Israel in the Gardens event in Yerba Buena Park. The headliner act was Ivri Lider:

I had a falafel, which was okay, and some puff pastry things stuffed with spinach and potato, which I had never had before. They were incredibly good. I got a couple more, on the way out, to take home and had them for dinner.